About Me

I read about travelling more then a human should. My fascination to explore didn’t become such a passion until I graduated high school. Let’s not kid here, I knew travelling was always on the agenda for me but it’s like after high school so many doors were waiting for me to open. Each door leading me to a new adventure…a new destination. Yet, reality would always hit me in the face and reminding me that I needed to at least get some sort of degree. I mean, a school degree doesn’t secure you but it does help. So here I am. In school. My last semester of University and the doors are opening again. I decided it’s now or never. I bet there are others like me. Cornered by classrooms and the pressure of being successful. Let’s face it. We only have today. We don’t know what is to come tomorrow. Therefore, I challenge you to take the next step to achieve your dreams…your passion. I’m one step ahead of you so come on now, take your step. Good Luck!