2016: Dreams

It’s a new year, a fresh start…basically the beginning of something great. I decided to note down some of my hopes for 2016. This includes travelling, trying new things and perhaps letting go of some old habits.

5 Taking my desire to learn German seriously

I decided last year I wanted to learn a new language and I did learn about 249 words and can slowly form sentences but that’s not enough. I want to be able to watch German shows or hear songs in German and pick up the major concepts. I love languages but I’m a procrastinator.

source: Madeline


4 Be more encouraging

To my family, friends and myself. I am very quick to criticize and over analyze a situation and I’m afraid it does lead to sticky situations. I want to support the people around me even though I may not see eye to eye on everything. I also want to encourage myself to try more things and stop doubting my own potential.

ource: Alexandra Lesnyh

3 Get a full time Job

I just finished my degree (while studying afar) and also came back from two major trips. I am in the process of trying to figure out what’s next in my life and trust me it’s not easy. But I have finally figured out that whatever I need to do, I at least need some sort of finances coming my way. Therefore I really need a full time job for the time being, until I figured out what the next step is.

2 Be more Productive

I’ve been home for awhile and I barely update the blog, haven’t taken on any projects, haven’t found a job, haven’t even volunteered somewhere to at least get experience. This year I want to step up my game and be the best I can be in all the areas of my life. Go out more, laugh more, experience more…basically do more. These are the years I have more freedom to do whatever I want to do. Therefore I think it’s time I step it up!

ource: Ola

1 Accept the Unknown

I have a hard time not knowing what is next. I have always had a plan for what is next. Even when I didn’t know where and what to study, I would apply anyways and figured the one I got into I would take. When I finished my diploma, I did the same thing with studying for a degree. This is pretty much how all my volunteer experiences have gone. I just plan ahead of what I want to do and the plan that works out is the one for me. But currently I am stuck and don’t even have plan A, B or C. It seems silly but this is very unusual for me. The Unknown isn’t necessariy a bad thing but a new adventure.

ource: Ezgi Özütürk

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